Five years in the making, Marc’s debut project, The Stronger EP, sings of passionate love, unshakeable faith, heavy challenge, and victorious triumph, all over an infused Pop, R&B background. Entirely written and produced by MED himself, It was recorded in November 2014 with famed engineer Dan Hallas (POD, Esperanza Spalding, Kid Rock), and was released to the world May 3, 2015, on Marc's 26th birthday. Download it for free right now!

Album Credits

The stronger EP

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1. Unshakeable Faith

Written by: Marc Evan Diaz/ Kelly Yarn Diaz

Marc Evan Diaz -Vocals/ Keys/ Synths

Mark Deschner -Guitars

Alex Stallings -Bass

Hannah Stallings -Drums

2. Love of my Life

Written by MED

MED- Vocals/ Piano/ Synth

3. Keep Hope Alive

Written by MED

MED- Vocals/ Piano/ Rhodes

Mark Deschner -Guitars

Alex Stallings -Bass

Hannah Stallings -Drums

Amos Ang -Strings

4. Through it All

Written by MED

MED- Vocals/ Piano/ Organ

Mark Deschner -Guitars

Alex Stallings -Bass

Hannah Stallings -Drums

Ben Marino- Percussion

5. Stronger

Written by MED

MED- Vocals

Amos Ang -Rhodes

Clifton Williams -Organ

Colin Sury -Guitars

Justin Schornstein -Bass

Tyler Scott -Drums

MED -Executive Producer, Vocal Engineer

Steven Yarn -Co-executive Producer

Kelly Yarn Diaz -Assistant Producer

Josh Alba -Producer, Recording Engineer Track 5

Dan Hallas -Recording Engineer Tracks 1, 3, 4

Danny Hagemon -Assistant Engineer Track 5

Josh Alba - Mixing Engineer, Tracks 2,4,5

Free Hallas- Mixing Engineer, Track 1, 3

Jett Galindo -Mastering Engineer

Toai Thach -Artistic Consultant

Thank You’s

To God my Father, source of strength, redeemer, light in darkness, hope in despair: I remember when you first told me I would do this… I could preach a million sermons about how good you are to me, but instead I’ll just say thank you. The best is yet to come.

To my wife Kelly, the love of my life, the source of inspiration of all these songs. It’s been a fun past 2 and a half years of marriage; sometimes hard, but we’ve kept hope alive, held on to unshakeable faith, and have come out stronger though it all. Thanks for challenging me, believing in me, pushing me, motivating me, and loving me. This whole thing is for you.

To my son Xav, I hope your proud of Dada!

To my parents, I am your seed, I hope your proud. Thank you for instilling this stuff in me when I was a kid.

To my in-laws, I could never ask for a better pair of you guys.

To my family, Myke, Michelle, Tracy, thank you for upholding me.

To my closest friends who are like family, you know who you are… AA, MB, TB, JJ, CJ, BM, JA, A+NL, A+HS, KP, I love you guys and each one of you are super important and mean more than you probably know to me. None of this would have happened without your consistent friendship.

To all my Berklee and HCF peeps who have loved me and made me what I am since 2007. Thank you for being patient.

For MC, and Nahid for the microphone and recording gear. Preciate it.

For all the good folks who played, engineered, mixed, and loaned support on this project. Thanks.

To anybody else who I missed, who thinks that you have been important enough to me that you should’ve ended up on this list, you’re probably right, consider yourself thanked.